15mm Figures » ACW Confederate Officers

Our command personality figures are customized to provide a miniature resemblance to the actual historical person, as taken from a photograph or artist's depiction. We will fabricate 15mm figure conversions according to your specific request. Examples of unique poses we have done include Jackson eccentrically sucking on a lemon, Sickles waving his cigar while carried off on a stretcher, and Armistead waving hat on his sword.

Our resume`of Confederate commanders includes RE Lee, Jackson, Longstreet, Hood, Barksdale, Ewell, Mahone, Hill, Stuart, Armistead, Forrest, Pickett, Heth, Pelham, Rosser, Alexander, Munsford, Pendleton, Beauregard, , Trimble, Johnston, Wheeler, Jenkins, Bragg, and Harrison the scout & spy.

Custom orders available upon request.