Custom Dioramas » Custers Last Stand

"Benteen, Come on. Big Village. Be quick. Bring packs.... P.S. Bring Packs." (note written by Lt. William Cooke at Little Big Horn)

Our Little Big Horn diorama depicts Custer and the remnants of 7th Cavalry Companies C, E, and F making their last stand.

The scene features many personalities who took part in the fight: Lt. Col. Custer and his two brothers, Tom and Boston, Custer's Adjutant Lt. William Cooke, Capt. Yates commanding Co. F and the 42 troopers who died with them on Last Stand Hill.

Native American participants featured in the diorama scene include Chief Gall, Crazy Horse, Rain In The Face, Wooden Leg, Flying By, Low Dog, Kicking Bear, Two Strikes, Yellow Nose and Little Big Man.

The diorama display is complimented with a reproduction cavalry guidon and Sioux war arrow. The Custer's Last Stand diorama sits in a 16"x20" frame and is mounted on a turntable for easy viewing from 360 degrees. The figures are 1/72 scale. A clear acrylic dust cover is included.

One available: $600 US