15mm Figures

General Robert E Lee

ACW Confederate Officers

Our command personality figures are customized to provide a miniature resemblance to the actual historical person, as taken from a photograph or artist's depiction. We will fabricate 15mm figure conversions according to your specific request. Examples of unique poses we have done include Jackson ...

General Thomas Meagher

ACW Union Officers

Command figures for gaming are available as individually based figures or mounted on corps and brigade command stands with Staff and Standard Bearers, according to your request. Past work with Union commanders include Meade, Hancock, Grant, Sherman, Buford, Sickles, McClellan, Chamberlain, Reyno...

High Water Mark

ACW Confederate Regiments

Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery figures are painted and mounted on metal bases according to your request. We can provide specialty and unique units: Zouaves, Iron Brigade, Berdan Sharpshooters, Louisiana Tigers, Butternut Rebs, Western troops, 1st Manassas Infantry with havelocks, Ragged Rebs, ...

Wargame action

ACW Union Regiments

We use selected 15mm metal figures from the AB, Scale Creep, Old Glory, Musket, and Essex miniature manufacturers. Standard Bearers are converted with steel flagstaffs. Paper flags can be finished as pristine or tattered & battle-worn to depict hardened veteran troops. ...


Other Personality Figures

We can provide other noteworthy figures and accessories for mini-scenes and special gaming actions.

Examples include civilians, casualties, hospital corps, engineering & signal crews, supply, and camp scenes.

AWI Militia

AWI Regiments


ACW Ships



NEW in 2009! Ancient history armies for DBA and tournaments.