Welcome to Gettysburg Soldiers

We provide historical miniature figures and dioramas for collectors, wargame hobbyists, museums, and institutions. Specializing in the Civil War and American history of the 1800s, we strive to create miniature replicas that are both historically accurate and aesthetically pleasing.

Pictured above: General Robert E. Lee
Photo: Library of Congress

Our command personality figures are customized to provide a miniature resemblance to the recognized historical person, as taken from a photograph or artist's depiction. Our handpainted Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery depict famous and honored regiments. Our battle-scene dioramas capture a moment in history.

Pictured above: General Lewis Armistead
Photo: Time Life Books

To obtain historical accuracy of battle scenes and uniforms, we research our work with period photographs, original artifacts and relics, historical artist drawings and paintings, along with reenactment footage.

Pictured above: Fall of the Alamo
Painting: Friends of the Governorís Mansion, Texas
The miniature figures are 15mm scale (a foot figure stands about 3/4" tall, a horse & rider is 1" in height). Cast in pewter or lead, the figures are primed, handpainted, and sealed with matte finish.

We select the best figures from several manufacturers; AB (Anthony Barton), Old Glory, Essex, and Musket Miniatures.

Meticulous attention to detail is given to our handpainted figures...

• Standard bearers are converted with steel flagstaffs.
• Personality figures are customized to resemble the recognized historical person.
• Mouth of cannon is drilled to give "hollow" appearance.
• Flags can be finished as pristine, or tattered and battle-worn to portray hardened veteran troops.
• Famous regiments and unusual uniforms are available, such as Zouaves, Sharpshooters, Iron Brigade, and Butternut Rebs.
• Figures can be converted with havelocks for early war appearance.

We also provide unique terrain items of historical interest, such as Aerial Balloons, Cotton Bales, Native American Tipis, and Gettysburg Peach Orchard trees. Terrain items are individually handcrafted to obtain the best possible miniature reproduction of the real thing.

Pictured above: Burnside's Bridge at Antietam
Photo: Justin Reber, EchoParkDesigns

Assault on Battery Wagner by the 54th Massachusetts Infantry, as depicted in the film, "GLORY".

Interesting fact: notice in the movie the ocean is on the wrong side! In the actual battle Union troops had to land below the fort and charge up the beach, due to the proximity of Fort Sumter and Confederate shore defenses.

image: movie still press release by Tri-Star Pictures

Thanks for visiting our website. Please browse the photo galleries for examples of our work. Custom orders are accepted; and your inquiries and comments are welcome....

Pictured above: General John Buford
Photo: National Archives

Cavalry charge

High Water Mark

Infantry firefight

Aftermath along the Hagerstown Pike at Antietam