Historical Miniatures and Wargame Rules

We provide historical miniature figures and dioramas for collectors, wargame hobbyists, museums, and institutions. Specializing in the Civil War and the horse and musket era, we strive to create miniatures that are historically accurate and artistically interesting.

The miniature figures are 15/18mm scale (a foot figure stands about 3/4" tall, a horse & rider is 1" in height). Cast in pewter, the figures are primed, handpainted, and sealed with matte finish.

Meticulous attention to detail is given to our handpainted figures...

• Standard bearers are converted with steel flagstaffs.
• Personality figures are customized to resemble the recognized historical person.
• Mouth of cannon is drilled to give "hollow" appearance.
• Flags can be finished as pristine, or tattered and battle-worn.

Please send us an email for a custom price quote.

Cemetery Gatehouse at Gettysburg

image source: Library of Congress

We select the best figures from several manufacturers; AB (Anthony Barton), Blue Moon,
Old Glory, and Musket Miniatures.

Custom Generals are available as based or unbased.

We can provide custom order command stands with General and Flag Bearer.

image source: Library of Congress

Union Artillery Battery

"GETTYSBURG SOLDIERS" is an innovative gaming rulebook for the American Civil War (1861-1865), designed to accompany tabletop wargaming with miniature figures. The game can be used to recreate historical battle scenarios or create your own battles with opposing sides equal in strength.

"SARATOGA SOLDIERS" is a supplement version of the Gettysburg Soldiers rules for gaming the American War of Independence.
"SOLDADOS de ALAMO" is a supplement of the Gettysburg Soldiers rules with revisions for gaming the epic 1836 siege of the Alamo.

The "GETTYSBURG SOLDIERS" rules offer a sensible harmony between playability and historical accuracy, to encourage tactical and strategical challenges between players; and provide afternoon or evening entertainment.

Players make choices about moves and counter-moves every game turn.

"GETTYSBURG SOLDIERS" is ideal for multi-player convention games.

The game also has special provisions to simulate the element of surprise, the ebb and flow of momentum, and the fog of battle.

The rules are written as simple and logical guidelines that make the game easy to learn , appealing to new gamers and experienced players alike.

Youngsters age 8 and older can master the "GETTYSBURG SOLDIERS" Rules.

The "GETTYSBURG SOLDIERS" wargame is a helpful tool to teach history.

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